Tour Packages

We offer :
* Daytreks
* Trekking in alpine areas
* Wildlife treks
* Bird-watching and Insect-watching
* Treks with special focus on Orchids, Amorphophallus and Fauna
* Expedition to Peak of Mount Leuser

Our currency in our country is Rupiah (Rp) Indonesian currency, but we also accept euro and dollars currency.

We offer packages that we have packed for you to choose, please contack our email to costumize and calculate the prices as you wish :


Jungle Trek Wildlife

One day jungle trek, and then back to the lodge Spot flora and fauna surround the lodges of the rainforest.
Explore the rain forest surrounding the lodge we got a chance to see wildlife, such as the orangutan, White Gibbon, Black Gibbon, Thomas Leaf-monkey, Pheasant, Hornbill, and others. Our guides know exactly where to find different species. But because we are trekking in pristine nature, can not guarantee that any or all types of animals will be seen in one day.


Jungle Trek Wildlife and Camping

Jungle trek and camp night

Explore more wildlife in the rainforest with camp in the middle of the junggle. Trekking deeper to rainforest to see more wildlife with camp one night and it will quite far from our lodges to see gigant tree and more wildlife, such as the Orangutan, White Gibbon, Black Gibbon, Thomas Leaf-monkey, Pheasant, Hornbill, and others.


Jungle Trek 3 days Mount Angkasan (2,891 asml)

This journey takes us for 2 days through dense rainforest, up from 1,400 m to the top Angkasan with alpine flora. There will be a good opportunity to see mossforest, Nepenthes, Orchids, sunbird and others. The third day we returned to the lodge again, trekking through dense rainforest.


Jungle Trek 5 days

5 day jungle trek.

To really experience to see flora such as orchids, nephenthes and alphine forest at mount Angkasan for 3 days and back with different route for wildlife spot animals such as orangutan, white gibbon, black gibbon, birds and others for 2 days


Jungle Trek to upper Alas Valley with huge waterfall

8 days jungle trek to upper Alas Valley with huge waterfall

take this amazing 8 day trek for the really experience the beautiful Rainforest Flora and Fauna, 7 night jungle trek.
First day we will hike to the Bivak 1 camp, day 2 – 3 we hike to Gunung Angkasan peak 2,891 asml, day 3 – 5 through pristine rainforest, before we reach the Alas river in the afternoon at 1,500 asml.
on fifth day we reach the 200m high waterfall at the Alas, and enjoy the tremendous view and scenery. we take a chilling bath at this extraordinary place and stay overnight. there will be chances to see wild life as usual, sunbird, Clouded Leopard, Bulbul, Partridge, Sumatran Green Pigeon and other. Return to the lodge takes 3 days on a different track route


Jungle Trek hike to peak of Mount Leuser

12 days hike to peak of Mountain Leuser.

The challenges hiking to the peak of Mount Leuser 3,404 amsl. This mountain is highest in Aceh Province in the Gunung Leuser National Park and explore more the beauty of the rainforest
Start at our cottage in Kedah lodge at an altitude of 1,400 asml, we will take 2 days through primary rainforest with dense vegetation untill get Mount Angkasan, and decreased at an altitude between 1.000 m and 2.900 m. We move at altitudes above 3.000 asml in mountainous areas, through its unique vegetation and moss.
there are 21 points Camp can be selected to adjust the physical condition of the climbers and natural conditions during the ascent. Day 1 Kedah – Simpang Air, day 2 Simpang Air – Puncak Angkasan, day 3 Puncak Angkasan – Lintasan Badak, day 4 Lintasan Badak – Blang beke/Padang Rumput, day 5 Blang beke/Padang Rumput – Kolam Badak, day 6 Kolam Badak – Bipak Kaleng, day 7 Bipak Kaleng – Lapangan Bola, Day 8 Lapangan Bola – Peak Leuser. Back to the lodge at kedah may take 4 – 5 days it is depend on the physic of hikers


Track length Ascent above the average path length mountaineering in Indonesia is a challenge that requires a mature travel management and peak physical condition for the climbers. To get around the logistical burden then be made daily logistics package that just opened on the appointed day to estimate the number of personnel in the team and the target length of the climb. In addition to long distance, lane pristine condition to the challenge of climbing Leuser. Most of the lines are tightly forest trees where branches and roots blocking the trail so hikers should creep, down or climb.

We shared local food or family food but if you want fruit we will provide and our bungalows are located in the middle of the junggle and also point to start trekking

Please contact us to customize the package as you wish