Kedah is located in the remote area near Blangkejeren city in Gayo Luwes district, Blangkejeren is city of Gayo Lues, Aceh Province
Aceh you can approach from overseas via Medan or Banda Aceh. In Banda Aceh  “Visa on Arrival is available since June 2010. Best approach to our lodges is via Medan. From Medan there are many daily connections to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, operated by Silk Air, Air Asia, Lion Air, MAS.

From Medan to Jakarta you have the choice for Garuda, Air Asia, Lion Air as well as other airlines.

Banda Aceh has daily flights to Medan and Jakarta, as well as several international connections to Kuala Lumpur and Penang. International flights operated by Air Asia and Firefly.

From Medan you can travel directly to Kedah Rainforest Lodges as per description and map below.

Please be aware, distances on Sumatra are not measured in km, but preferably in hours! This relates to the partly poor conditions of roads, especially the ones in the Province of North Sumatra. Road conditions in the Province of Aceh are significantly better.

How to get to our place by air ?
Now there are big airport near to us the Takengon Rembele Airport (TXE), you can fly from Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Medan, and Banda Aceh, from Takengon Rembele Airport (TXE) you can reach our place in Kedah Rainforest Lodges for four hours by road with minibus to Gayo Lues (Blangkejeren) Besides it there is also small Airport operate from Medan and Banda Aceh to Gayo Luwes with Susi Air small plane, see, from Gayo Lues the schedule of the flight available on tuesday and saturday to Medan and Banda Aceh (schedule may change in a few months) Banda – Gayo Lues (Appr. 2 hour) Medan – Gayo Lues (Appr. 1 hour). Susi Air don’t accept ticket reservation, if you want to book, you have to hand over cash

Make sure before you come to here in Blangkejeren city of Gayo Luwes district from medan or Banda Aceh it is better to prefer, because you can’t use visa card to draw the money in Blangkejeren, the only we can use in Blangkejeren city by credit card is MasterCard, and 30 munite distant between Blangkejeren and Kedah by road, because kedah village located in remote area in Aceh Province so it will take long trip to get kedah from the two big city by road that are from medan city and Banda Aceh city it is better to take flight to Gayo Luwes by small plane of Susi Air and you will get chance to see the beautiful view forest of leuser from above

If you intend to stay several days in Banda Aceh, we recommend to stay in Oasis Hotel

Alternatively you can rent a Motobike in Banda Aceh at, this might be the most interesting approach to our facilities.



How to find us from Banda Aceh to Kedah Rainforest Lodges by road ?
from Banda Aceh you can find minibus transport at Terminal Leung Bata or at Terminal Batoh.
Banda Aceh to Kedah more and less it will take 11 hours distance by road
Public transport in banda aceh have usually depart around 04:00 pm or 05:00 pm
Banda Aceh, Lambaro roundabout Cut Nyak Dhien
Passing lefthand scenery paddy-fields, righthand rainforest mountains of Jantho, all overtopped by volcanoe Gunung Seulawah, after appr 67km you reach the elephant school of Cut Nyak Dhien. Do not be disappointed by the lots of garbage at the roadside and the monkeys, who are begging along the road. This is a bad development, which is not a sample for the pristine rain forests we want to show you in the Gayo highlands and in central Aceh province.
From Elephant School Cut Nyak Dhien to Sigli 29km
Sigli to Bireuen 109km
Bireuen to Takengon
In the subdistricts of Bener Meriah and Aceh Tengah have an eye on the coffee plantations, where one of the world’s best organic Arabicas is growing. Before you reach Takengon you should have a stop at the cafeteria Singah Mata with a great view over Takengon and Danau Laut Tawar. In Takengon we use to stay overnight in the Losmen Batang Ruang. A very clean, cheap Losmen with friendly and helpful owners, located in the heart of Takengon.
Takengon – Ise-Ise 85km
Ise-Ise – Blankenjeren
In Blankenjeren you turn west at the roundabout in direction to Penosan.
After another 13km you reach lefthand the gate of Penosan, you pass the gate through Penosan to Kedah. After another 2km through artificially terraced paddy-field you find righthand the home of Mr. Jally. Contact him, he will serve you first a home made lemon tea and after he will guide you to the rainforest lodges.
How to find from Medan to Kedah Rainforest Lodges by road ?
Medan to Kedah it will take 9 hours distance more and less by road
From Medan you can Public Taxi or mini bus to Kedah. We recommended you go to Robby Karya Travel at Street of Sisingamaharaja near the Makam Pahlawan and order a public taxi, or you can find minibus at street of Jalan Bintang to Kedah. You will join with other local passenger.
Public Taxi in Medan have usually depart around 07:00 pm or 08:00 pm in the night.
You reach Kedah from Medan in 10 hours by car. With public bus it via Medan to Brastagi (60 km), Brastagi to Kabanjahe (85 km), Kabanjahe to Kutacane (92 km), kutacane to Blankenjeren (65 km)

By Private Taxi from Medan to Kedah Rainforest Lodges
However, we have contact person in Medan to pick you up at the airport and to arrange your transfer to Kedah Rainforest Lodges. From Medan we can offer transfer with private airconditioned car, one car can carry up to 6 people it will pick you up from Medan city or Airport Kualanamu in Medan city, it will go direct to Kedah Rainforest Lodges. If you want book private car please send to our email. To hire private car is more comfort than choose public minibus, but it is not cheap as public transport.

If you travel on your own behalf, do not hesitate to question locals for the proper way and directions, since there are only few road signs.

Transport flow
Transport flow
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