Welcome to Rainforest Lodges Kedah

Trekking in Gunung Leuser National Park. We are based in Kedah, Gayo Lues Regency, Aceh Province, Sumatra – Indonesia at the very foot of the famous Mount Leuser massif. We organized trekking and hiking in the forest wildlife. From our village right at the slopes of the mountains, it is only a short hike before you enter mountain rainforest, and only a day or two hiking before you enter the wonderful, mysterious high altitude ecosystem of Mount Leuser.

Kedah is a small village, dominated by views of rice fields and mountains of natural rainforest. It is the last accessible point by vehicle before trekking to the forest or hiking Mount Leuser, the village around 15 km or a 30 minute drive from Blangkejeren.

Rainforest Lodges Kedah is a simple bungalow attached bathroom managed by locals. The lodges provides basic rooms wooden just by the river at the forest edge. In the morning, don’t be surprised if you are awakened by melodious bird chirps or the walls of siamang. In the morning the host will serve you with a cup of strong local coffee or tea with milk to warm you up. The lodge provides various packages for you to choose to explore the GLNP forest. The lodge can arrange your 3-14 days trekking trip to Puncak Angkasan, Tobacco Hut, Mount Leuser, and Mount Loser.