About Us

Kedah is a small village located in Blangkejeren Gayo Lues District, Aceh Province, Indonesia – Sumatra, dominated by views of rice fields and mountains of natural rainforest. It is the last accessible point by vehicle before trekking to the forest or hiking Mount Leuser.

The village is around 15 km or a 30-minute drive from Blangkejeren. Rainforest Lodges Kedah located in the middle of the junggle, all lodge in Kedah provides basic rooms in wooden cabin just by the river at the forest edge, we put this lodges as starting point for junggle trekking. In the morning, don’t be surprised if you’re awakened by melodious bird chirps or the wails of the Siamang. In the morning the host will serve you with a cup of strong local coffee or tea to warm you up. The lodge provides various packages for you to choose to explore the Gunung Leuser National Park rainforest. Nepenthes spp. (carnivorous pitcher plants), wild Orangutan, gibons, orchids, mossforest, waterfalls, and gigantic fig trees are of the most favorite attractions around Kedah.

Rainforest Lodges Kedah is initially named Greend Sinebuk and have a simple bungalow builed by Mr. Jally in 1983 by him self. Since 2002 got conflict in Aceh by GAM Militants (Aceh Freedom Movement) with Indonesian army and then all his Bungalow get burn by unknown peoples. Since 2005 Indonesian Government sign piece with GAM in Aceh and then all back to normal again without any conflict untill now. In 2007 Mr. Jally rebuild again his own Bungalow with helped by his friend Mr. Siegfried Klein from Germany, now he and his teams still run for this lodge and organize trekking for people around the world who want to do junggle trekking